About Admin of Bird Dog Chat

A little bit about me…

Somewhere in between a bird dog trainer and a wanna-be bird dog trainer.

Being a busy father of four, the only thing I take seriously for myself is bird hunting.

A yellow lab named Ellie spoiled me and made me look like a dog training expert. Now I have an English Setter who is testing my dog training game.

Hunting over bird dogs is a great pastime. Appreciating the dogs’ abilities to perform and please their owner is second to none.

Even though I don’t have the time to run field trials like I want to, running this website to associate with others who do makes it worth it!

This site is dedicated to those who, like me, can’t attend all the bird dog trials and learn from those that do. And for those that love sharing their bird dog trial experiences and events!

Enjoy the classifieds for helping locate or sell any bird dogs and equipment.

Contact Us

You can contact the admin at birdhunter@birddogchat.com

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