Warm weather is around the corner, having awareness and avoiding heat stroke is crucial. Learn how.

Bird hunters that train and hunt their dogs in warmer climates should be aware of potential heat strokes or hypothermia.

Many remember the tragedy of the 2003 South Dakota Opener. Managing and preventing canine heat stroke lies in the hands of the handler. There is a new product on the market, and the company behind the product has a simple mission. It is, to raise awareness, conduct scientific research and create products which can help prevent canine heat stroke.

This company began this journey by partnering with scientists and technologist to create a product which does work. The product has demonstrated the ability to suppress body temperature during rigorous physical activity. And that was the beginning of T-CoolK-9. The cooling collar which helps prevent canine heat stroke. It’s designed to be worn and still allow training, location and other collars in the proper position.

Our goal was to raise awareness, conduct scientific research and create a product that can help prevent canine heat stroke.

There are four steps to preventing canine heat stroke.

First, be aware, be thinking about the potential and what your actions would be if it happens.

Second, understand your Delta. The Delta is it difference or change in temperature, humidity, your dog’s condition or what you are asking of your dog.

Third, is to wear a T-CoolK-9 collar while training, then replace the cool packs in the collar, for the cool down period.

Fourth, is to have an emergency plan if things go very wrong.

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Cooling packs are kept in a freezer, placed into a cooler with drinks and food and optional extra cooling packs.                                                                                                                                            Hunters know the importance of keeping their dogs’ safe internal temperature for their cool down period. After training or the hunt, replace the packs in the collar and the chest area.

Paranoid or Prepared? Check this short blog out. https://t-coolk9.com/blogs/news

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