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looking for a new home for 10-month old Willa

We are looking for a new home for 10-month old Willa (Dahl vom Grizzly Creek). We were hoping that she could become a foundation bitch for a new kennel, but unfortunately I just don't think she is the right dog for that. She is, however, the sweetest girl and best possible pet in the house. We will only be placing her with a family where she gets to live in the house, preferably with other dogs and/or kids. She really loves other dogs and is great with kids of all ages. We have our 3 and 8-year old nephews over often and she will let them lay on her or pull her around by the tail. She really has an excellent temperament.

In the field, Willa is a medium to large ranging girl. She likes to run. She has always been a very strong pointer. Because she was so young, I only hunted with her a little last fall, but I did shoot wild Bobwhite Quail over her points. We have been training a lot this winter/spring. Willa is now completely force-broke and halt-trained. She is usually steady to wing, shot, and fall on training birds. And if she does break, she will stop at the halt whistle. She is super-reliable on retrieves. She is happy to bring me any type of gamebird or furred game. She is already flawlessly completing 300m drags with birds, rabbits, and raccoons. Her manners on freshly-shot birds are also great. She really is a super-obedient and well-mannered dog, especially for her age.

Willa earned 63 points in her VJP a couple weeks ago. Her one weakness is tracking. She would prefer to run fast with a high head in the direction of a track and try to pick up something by air rather than slowing down and focusing on the track. So she earned a 7 in tracking. I had started some blood tracking with her this winter but had similar results. So Willa is definitely more of a field dog than a tracking dog. But I think she could make someone a really nice hunting dog this fall with her big search, strong pointing, and reliable retrieve. She has a dense harsh coat with excellent coverage that should hold up well against the elements.

Willa is a smaller-sized DD measuring 60cm at the withers and weighing 50lbs. She is house-broken, crate-trained, and up to date on shots. I have included her pedigree and VJP scoresheet in the photos. She is out of Gamble vom Wilde (VJP/HZP/VGP with B hips) and Falk vom Windigen Punkt (VJP/HZP with A hips).

This has been a really difficult decision as we do really love Willa. We will be discerning in who we place her with. Please contact me ( or 308-385-8618) if you would like more information about Willa. We live in central Nebraska but may be able to help with transport. Thanks!

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Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature
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