Garmin PRO 550 Plus - Easily Train and Track up to 3 dogs. Simple GPS locating.

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The PRO 550 Plus Mini incorporates the robust training features of the PRO 550 series, providing 18 levels of momentary or continuous stimulation, tone, and vibration – as well as the ability to operate beacon lights on the dog device for low-light hunting situations. The PRO 550 Plus handheld is compatible and easily paired with any existing TT™ 15 or TT 15 Mini dog devices.
Integrating the proven training capabilities of the PRO 550 series, the PRO 550 Plus enhances communication between dog and owner through a built-in LCD display near the base of the handheld. This display provides an easy-to-read directional pointer and numerical yardage readout. The system provides location updates every 2.5 seconds for up to three dogs, so whether a
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Shop the World’s Foremost Outfitter for top quality dog products!
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