Let Bird Dog Chat help you if you are looking for a hunting dog. We will email you with new bird dog choices!

How to make puppy shopping easier?

Not only does Bird Dog Chat want to help Bird Dog Breeders and Trainers find great hunting homes for their litters, but they want to help connect those litters with their new hunting home!

If you are absolutely ready to take in a new hunting dog and want help getting litters pointed out to you, sign up for email notification each time a new hunting dog litter is listed!

Complete your name, email and include the breed you are most interested in. You will receive emails each time a listing is created.

What are the benefits?

As you know, Facebook is likely the most common place to search out hunting dog ads but you’ll quickly learn, if not already, that the same breeders have their listing in multiple groups and pages.

Sometimes those groups prevent the breeder from posting to that group and you miss out on your potential future hunting dog altogether.

Do you really see new ads everytime you take a minute to think about looking and get discouraged by Facebook?

Let’s stop that. Let Bird Dog Chat find your next hunting dog for you. You just need to check your Inbox!

It is our mission to help breeders share their ads when they are listed. By doing that, we share their ads on all our social media options. We just recently added YouTube by making videos of pictures provided in the listing.

Are there other options?

Yes! You can always create a “Wanted” ad which is free to do! Just like the sellers posting their litters, a buyer can create an “ISO” (In Search Of) ad and we will share your ad. The hopes would be that the breeders can reach out to you. Thus making your search even easier yet!

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