Do you struggle to find quality dog beds that are long lasting and promote comfort for your bird dogs?

The Short-lived dog bed

The day you bring home a new dog bed for your bird dog and the next day it’s ripped to shreds. It’s like the manufacturer laced the innards of the bed with jerky stick scent.

Sound familiar? Here you go again, now you’re shopping for another bed.

It is very likely that the dog couldn’t fluff up the bed to its liking and tried pawing at it to get cozy.

This suggests an indication of the look of quality of the bed was just a tease.

Where do you start?

Do you have a dog that enjoys chewing? Orvis has some quality choices in their ToughChew line.

After spending $50-75 on 3 or 4 beds you will wish that you just sprung for one of these options.

If your dog is beyond the chewing and would like to get immediate comfort, the memory foam beds are your next best bet.

Be sure to check out some of Orvis Best Sellers of quality dog beds.

Stumped on which bed is right for your bird dog?

Please use the Orvis Dog Bed Selector in three easy steps.

Please use the Orvis Dog Bed Selector in three easy steps.

Orvis has made buying quality dog beds very easy now.

They provide a blend of highly durable dog beds for the type of dog that enjoy a good old chew toy and Tempur-Pedic memory foam beds for a more mature dog.

roviding a quality dog bed is key for the health of your bird dog. Help prevent discomfort and possible vet trips by using one of these beds.

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