Find all your hunting dog topics and information in the new social media for Bird Dog Fanatics: Bird Dog Chat

Bird Dog Chat is quickly becoming the go to site for all things Bird Dog related.

Classified ads are a hit!

Bird Dog Chat is quickly replacing almost ALL those bird dog breed specific classifieds groups. The solution is a classifieds page with categories to filter by the breed you are interested in. Have you checked lately – there are TOO many Facebook groups ALL with different, strict rules. Even Hitler is shaking his head!

Yes, post your listing under the breed category so a buyer (or seller) can choose their category and view only that breed.

Narrow down your search by searching just by the breed category you desire!

Bonus! The admins get an email notification of all new listings and quickly share the ads all over the MAJOR social media networks. Yes people, there are other sites BESIDES Facebook.

Your ad will be shared on Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Multiple Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter and now even YouTube! Yes, if you post enough pictures, they can be converted into a short YouTube video!

Create your ad now!

The Forums have Dog Specific Breed Categories!

Bird Dog Fanatics can jump into their favorite breed topics and not have to jump around Facebook timelines to find their latest group posts. Granted, you’ll miss out on all the other drama going on in your timeline.

Bird Dog Chat will send you an email so you don’t miss a topic or response! Simply subscribe to the Category or even just the topic and receive an email notification!

Click this on any topic or category in the forums to get an email notification of updates!

When you get that email, click the link in the email and BAM! It brings you right to the topic! No more Facebook surfing only to get sidetracked from another post that deflected you from arriving at where you set out to find originally.

How many times do you found yourself completely wandered off going down some rabbit trail – figuratively speaking?

Yep, that’s what Facebook does. It completely devours your time chasing something you never intended on doing and 2 hours later you wondered what you were even looking for to begin with!

So unless you have too much time on your hands and firmly believe that Facebook is the place to be because that’s where everyone else is??? Due to their algorithms, you don’t even see more than 25% of most of your friend’s posts anyways.

Email has always been the original and best policy for receiving relevant information you want to know about. No more getting hijacked by the Facebook time waster. We can simply share your topics with all the major social media sites to get more people invited to your Bird Dog Chat topics. Involve more people that the same old Facebook folks.

Register today and see what all the other Bird Dog Fanatics are doing at Bird Dog Chat!

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